Ernula / Senkou no Ronde

Orchid Seed
  • Производитель: Orchid Seed
  • Наличие: 1
Персонаж: Ernula / Эрнула
Происхождение: Senkou no Ronde
Классификация: Scale
Скульптор: Yoshino Atsushi
Материал: PVC
Масштаб: 1/7
Высота: 135 mm
Дата релиза: Август 2010
  • 6100₽

Оригинальная prepainted аниме-фигурка от Orchid Seed в формате 1/7.

An android made by Opera Corporation. Her operating principles remain unknown because she was made by recycling legacy technology from the Old World. She is well known to a select few rounder pilots for appearing suddenly, acting violently or cracking a joke, and then leaving.

There are multiple Ernula androids, and they are all connected through a private network. They have a telepathy-like method of communicating with each other with no time lag, regardless of distance, and can share information with all other Ernula in realtime.

Not even Opera could control the androids they created, and they became “subjects of observation”. However the criminal behind the Secret Weapon Heist, Ansel, proved that some degree of control was possible by hacking them to recognize him as Master.

Since the incident, Opera is doing whatever it takes to collect all the Ernula.

Персонаж Ernula / Эрнула
Происхождение Senkou no Ronde
Классификация Scale
Скульптор Yoshino Atsushi
Материал PVC
Масштаб 1/7
Высота 135 mm
Дата релиза Август 2010