Hoshikawa Ruka / Hoshiful

Art Storm
  • Производитель: Art Storm
  • Наличие: 1
Персонаж: Hoshikawa Ruka / Хошикава Рука
Происхождение: Hoshiful / Хошифул
Классификация: Scale
Материал: PVC
Масштаб: 1/8
Высота: 200 мм
Дата релиза: сентябрь 2008
  • 2340₽

The tsundere sister who can't be honest with herself.

From the love story based around an astronomy club "Hoshiful", comes a figure of the tsundere character "Ruka Hoshikawa". She was very close to beating the main character Kotone in character popularity polls. She has been sculpted in a pose that suits her stubborn personality, with long blond twin tails, and different colored eyes. Her striped knee socks look great on her long legs. It's time to give this strong-willed girl what she deserves...

Персонаж Hoshikawa Ruka / Хошикава Рука
Происхождение Hoshiful / Хошифул
Классификация Scale
Материал PVC
Масштаб 1/8
Высота 200 мм
Дата релиза сентябрь 2008